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Self Prepared Medicines from Purest Form of Herbs.

Herbal medicine

Narmade Ayurvedam Hospital was founded on November 30, 2008, with a vision to propagate the ancient heritage of Ayurveda using the teachings of our guru and thereby help people find holistic solutions to their worrying health problems.



Near Mahakaleshwar
Ayurved Bhavan,
Maksi Road,
Freeganj, Ujjain


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What They Say About Us

Narmade Ayurvedam
Absolute Cure

We Specialize in Treating

Insomnia and Depression
Facial Skin, and Complete Hair Care Solutions
Immunity Enhancement, and Energy Boost-Up
Prostate, and Sexual disorders
Allergic solutions, and De-addiction

Our Procedures and Practices

The treatment has been emphasized in the traditional and authentic practice of Ayurveda based on classical scriptures.

Pulse Reading (Nadi-Pariksha)

Prakriti Assessement

Diet & Life Style Plan for every individual specifically variable with Prakriti

Exclusive Panchkarma Procedures

Pure Herbal Medication

Self Prepared Medicines from the purest form of herbs

Training Ayurveda Doctors

Training Ayurveda Doctors with Panchkarma Therapies & Medicines.

Folklore Practice

Ayurvedic Treatment

Pain Relief and Detox Therapies

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All therapies are administered by our highly-trained staff in a spirit of caring, loving service. Ensuring the best results for our patients.
Anatomical heart isolated. Muscular organ in humans and animals, which pumps blood through blood vessels of circulatory system. Heart diagnostic center sign. Human heart cartoon design. Vector

Hridaya Vasti

Cures Cholesterol, Blood pressure, Chest pain, Heart blockage

nasya karma

Nasya Karma

Cures Sinus, Allergy, Headache, Hoarse voice, Mouth diseases

Human ear organ hearing health care closeup 3d realistic isolated icon design vector illustration

Agni Karma

Cures Wart, Mole, Corn, Joint pain Sciatica


Akshi Tarpan

Cure Cataract, Glaucoma, Myopia, and other vision-related disorders.


Our Products

Self Prepared Medicines From Purest Form of Herbs

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Working Hours

8.00 am – 8.00 pm
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Get personal health care consultation along with diet & lifestyle plan for every individual specifically variable with Prakriti.

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